SONY DSCPatrick van der Beek a.k.a. D-Mind first got in touch with the hardstyle sound as a 12-year old kid. After enjoying this style for several years, he took a leap of faith and decided to create his own tracks. After a year of practice in his room he engraved his style within the name ‘D-Mind’ and in collaboration with ‘Dfuzion’ released his first track “Fissure”.

In the following years, D-Mind gained recognition from several labels and leading artists such as Toneshifterz, because of his energetic yet melodic signature style. Tracks like “B.O.R.”, “Sign of Emotion” and “Riiho – Disaster (D-Mind Remix) received massive exposure worldwide.

Having released on labels such as the Australian “Aussie Hardstyle Records”, the Slovenian “Hard Hammer Records” and the American “Toxxic Records”, he gained fans across the entire globe.

In 2012, he came in contact with the label IMP Music, a dutch hardstyle label and booking agency that wanted to take him under their wings. In their studio, he produced his very first studio album: D-Mind – Arcadia.

Now, D-Mind is ready to conquer the world with not only his Album; but also with his very own label: Momentum Music – and it will not end here!